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What does aai stand for?

AAI is more than a simple acronym for our company name, Assael Associates, Inc. AAI also stands for our three step process for doing business: Assess - Agree - Implement. Together with you, we Assess your needs - Agree on direction - and Implement the right result.

Why work with aai?

Because AAI projects will work for you. They will get the job done, whether the job is to entertain, to educate or to sell the heck out of a product or an idea.

How does aai work?

AAI works efficiently. As a result, we are fast, we are cost effective and we deliver results that can increase your business and add to your bottom line.

What does aai do, exactly?

Frankly, some of our clients may not know the entire answer to this question. Some work with us in a much too narrow way and do not take advantage of our full range of services. For instance, some just love our exhibits, but do not remember our great copy writing. Others rely on us for models and maquettes, but do not remember our graphics and illustration. Don’t miss out. Join our clients who benefit from all of our Integrated Creative Branding Solutions.

Why does aai do so many different things?

AAI focuses on your individual needs. Different needs require different solutions. We provide what you need for the story you have to tell or the product you have to sell. We are not confined to a one size fits all, cookie cutter answer to anything.

What are integrated creative branding solutions?

Integrated Creative Branding Solutions work together as a team to achieve one result…success. A company does best when its culture is synergistically embodied in every aspect of its business. Everything, from branding and corporate identity to products and packaging, from internal office communication to websites and print advertising, from trade show exhibits to public venues…everything…should be designed, written and produced to build the company brand.

Does aai also produce work that is more subdued than the samples on this website?

Yes, we do. Properly sedate and carefully restrained design and copy writing are appropriate creative solutions to the serious challenges that face a number of clients. If you are one of them, do not be put off by our public happy face. We can help you.

Does aai work with third parties?

Yes. AAI works together in strategic relationships with architects, specialty builders, construction companies, design firms and advertising and public relations agencies. AAI is completely flexible in various roles at different times as a partner, a client or a supplier.

Does aai write issue related public relations pieces?

AAI writes public relations pieces that boost the client’s position and disarms the opposition. We uncover the powerful underlying psychological factors that motivate friend and foe alike. Then we organize what each one already believes into a persuasive matrix of thought that brings people together, gets their agreement and approval, and results in a win-win success. We do not publicly acknowledge these specific projects. If you have need of this type of service, please contact us for a personal consultation.

Where does aai work?

AAI is based in Winter Park in metropolitan Orlando, Florida. We operate as a virtual office with clients and associates in potentially any location. We will travel to and work in any location when the need arises.

How does aai bill clients for services?

We are pleased to work with you according to your own preferences. Many projects are based on a specific scope of work for a flat fee billed in three increments, start, progress and completion. Some clients prefer to be billed by the hour at an agreed upon rate.

Is aai on our formal request for proposals list?

This is actually a question for you. Please add AAI to your formal Request for Proposals list if it is not currently included.

Will we be working with aai?

We sure hope so. Email us or call us right now at 407-628-8936. We look forward to working with you soon.

Does aai have employment opportunities?

If you are interested in working with us in a possible freelance or permanent position, please feel free to email us. We operate as a virtual office and we are pleased to work with freelancers in potentially any location. Permanent creative positions are based in metropolitan Orlando, Florida. Sales related positions may be regionally based.