City of Kissimmee

City of Kissimmee Development Services Code Enforcement Residential & Commercial District Code Violations Educational Scale Model

with Commercial District Code Violations, including: leaking irrigation system, oversized window signs, damaged monument sign, non-permitted hanging banners, damaged building wall stucco & paint, parking lot potholes & faded striping, non-permitted feather banners, non-permitted cold air balloon, portable snipe signs, dead & missing plants, high untrimmed grass, non-permitted wall signs, junk, debris, trash & litter, & damaged trash dumpster enclosure

with Residential District Code Violations, including: parked vehicle blocking sidewalk, over three foot high front fence, fence with broken & missing pickets, stored inoperative vehicle, junk, debris, trash & litter, home with damaged roof, home with boarded up window, damaged screen enclosure, swimming pool with green algae, high untrimmed grass, visible stored commercial trailer, illegally parked recreational vehicle, unfinished side of fence facing street, & stored heavy commercial vehicle

with Clear Acrylic Protective Display Cover & Reusable Protective Carry Container with Handle & Wheels

Concept, Research, Design, Copy Writing & Fabrication with Adobe Illustrator Drawing, Adobe Photoshop Graphics, Custom Cutting, Full Color Printing & Fine Hand Craftsmanship