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80 million years ago a life death struggle played out on the vast plains of the Gobi Dessert of Mongolia.

The Velociraptor had come, perhaps, to plunder the eggs of the Protoceratops. It was to be his last theft. In defense, the protective mother Protoceratops seized the right forearm of the invader with it’s powerful jaws. The Velociraptor slashed ferociously into the body of the horned beast, desperately trying to free itself…but to no avail.

Both perished there and were entombed together in the sands of time itself… until they were finally unearthed in 1971… still locked in the deadly embrace that had spelled their doom… 80 million years ago.

Species Name: Velociraptor mongoliensis Common Names: “Rapid Predator of Mongolia” “Mongolian Fast Hunter” “Swift Robber of Mongolia” Sub Order: Theropoda Family: Dromaeosaurid Era: Mesozoic Period: Late Cretaceous Remains Found In: Mongolia In Central Asia Characteristics: 6.5 ft long, Sickle Clawed Hind Feet, 30 Serrated Teeth Behavior: Meat Eaters, Hunted Prey In Deadly Fast Moving Packs

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